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Kirsty - 20 - Teesside
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Hi! I'm Kirsty and welcome to my about page!

I'm based in North East of England and I specialise in traditional cartooning and character design. Along side this I have 3 chickens who I love dearly
I also enjoy drawing chavs inspired by my childhood!

Currently I run a comic called Blast! which started as a final major project for my BA Comics and Graphic Novels degree. However, I intend to carry it on and create issue #2 before Christmas 2021! since its only me working on it I hope to create 2 issues a year

feel free to add me on discord!
kirsty =]#7947

emo irl

Ed Edd 'n Eddy, anything by Danny Antonucci, Initial D, Viz comic, Skins (UK), emo/scene fashion & aesthetic, Oldweb, Yakuza, Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil 2, much more!