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Billy Smith

he/him - Teesside 'chav' kid -
fav song: Crazy Frog - Axel F (2005)
Billy is a simple kid who enjoys playing footie and eating skips, he also has a thick common north east england accent and has adhd
pizza pingers, potato smileys, skips, footie, match attax
broccoli, sprouts, McDonalds milk, hairspray, playboy body spray
Additional Info
Billy is actually Kellie-Anne and Chardonnays half brother but treats him as their full brother

Kellie-Anne Slaytor

she/her - Teesside 'chav' party girl-
fav song: Styles & Breeze - You're Shining (Hardcore Mix)
Kellie-Anne is the oldest of the kids and is over 18 she works in maccies and is always found applying too much makeup ready for the nightclubs. She is sometimes Blast!'s page 3 girl. She would also find herself on Snog, Marry, Avoid if she the shows crew ever came to the North.
texting and instant messaging her friends, 90s/00s dance music, juicy couture tracksuits, Paris Hilton, big hoop earrings, vodka
sharing a room with Chardonnay, hangovers, her hair without extensions
Additional Info
Kellie-Anne and Chardonnay are full siblings. As far as we're aware. Unlike Chardonnay shes on contraceptives. She drives a 1996 Ford Ka which her Dad bought her in yellow so her ex boyfriend spraypainted it pink for her. She also is never without her pink Motorola Razr V3i in hot pink and iPod Mini second gen. ofcourse in pink. Knows Jake has a crush on her and finds him adorable. Even though just in a younger brother way

Chardonnay Mercedes Slaytor

she/her - Teesside 'chav' bitch - capricorn -
fav song: Smack that - Akon ft Eminem
Chardonnay is more obsessed with BBM than anything else. She's horrible, rude and cannoy apply foundation that she nicked from her sister in the wrong shade to save her life.
Her tacky rhinestone Blackberry Curve 8520, roll on lipgloss, smelling like a 00s stripper, JLS, 'health n beauty'
English teachers, emos, legit anyone weird, her sister Kellie-Anne, Billy, shes stroppy and like 14, condoms
Additional Info
Kellie-Anne and Chardonnay are full siblings. As far as we're aware. She's also a HUGE slag who hates condoms, so don't be suprised if she gets pregnant or has had more sex than you. Gross